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03 Jan Iron prices rose
Saeed 0 930
Manufacturers are not supplying enough product to market because of price fluctuations," said the head of the Union of Iron Sellers, citing rising pr..
03 Jan The recession hit the rebar market
Saeed 0 879
On Sunday, as Neyshabur rebar offerings from some traders continued to maintain stability, others traded up to the market's bottom line, such as the A..
03 Jan Hot market for steel sheets
Saeed 0 788
Reinforcing steel sheet base rates and reducing the price gap between the stock market and the market are some of the hottest issues to be addressed, ..
03 Jan Stainless steel rebar detection
Saeed 0 909
Checking the quality of steel sections in the iron market, especially in this season of the year, due to rainfall and humidity can change the quality ..
03 Jan Why sheets, profiles and beams become expensive?
Saeed 3 776
The issue facing the iron market these days is the rise in the price of iron in some bases. According to the studies, the lack of supply of raw materi..
03 Jan Break the price sheet break
Saeed 0 335
The sheer state of affairs over the past few days has led to a proposal to ban the supply of sheets out of stock and propose it to the Minister of Ind..
26 Dec Localization in the steel industry
Saeed 0
In spite of all the problems and requirements, it can now be claimed that there is between 5% and 5% in the entire self-contained steel production cha..
26 Dec A solution to improve the status of steel
Saeed 0
Iran's steel industry has experienced remarkable progress over the past decade. Iran is the world's second-largest steel importer with 2 million tonne..
26 Dec Production chain imbalances
Saeed 0 321
The main problem with the steel design can be attributed to the imbalance in the supply and supply chain, which begins in the order of iron ore, foll..
26 Dec Steelmakers trying to raise prices
Saeed 0 327
Steelmakers bargaining to benefit from rising world pricesExport markets for large steelmakers have increased at least a month in the past month, wi..
26 Dec Domestic market rate of ribbed rebar
Saeed 0 341
Is the domestic market price for the ribbed rebar close to the ceiling?Rolling mill rebar export rates are an obstacle to further increase the compe..
26 Dec The result of the iron market regulation committee
Saeed 0 338
According to the latest iron market situation, it has become more and more important to pay attention to the results of the specialized steel market r..
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